Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial department provides support to displaced people and vulnerable migrants, focusing on their general well-being, both personal and within their community, as well as their knowledge and skills to live successfully in Cairo. The role of psychosocial caseworkers is to work alongside their clients, and conduct assessments of their strengths and resources to help them think of ways to solve their problems and relieve stress. Recent developments have made it possible to expand the psychosocial support provided by focusing on developing the skills and knowledge of displaced youth.

Clients can approach the StARS psychosocial office and receive information, advice, referrals, or urgent assistance. They might also benefit from longer-term support from one of the many psychosocial programs, including:

Adults and Families Program

Caseworkers assist clients facing emotional or social issues and difficulties meeting their basic needs.

Medical Access Program

The program provides medical counseling and advocacy for accessing medical services, as well as medical grants for those unable to access free medical services, often when no other organization can help.

Drop-In and Emergency Response Program

Clients can receive preliminary screening to support them in accessing StARS services according to their needs. The program plays a crucial role in identifying the most vulnerable cases that require immediate intervention and community support.

Community Hosting Program

The program receives referrals from different StARS programs of vulnerable adults and youths who need to live with the support of a host within their community. The hosts are recruited among StARS clients based on their willingness to support fellow community members. Equally important, they are selected based on their understanding of people’s vulnerabilities and needs. Through a panel, vulnerable clients and hosts are matched and supported by the program’s caseworkers.

Mental Health Program

The program receives referrals from different StARS programs of both adults and youths. The program’s psychologists support clients with psychotherapy for a wide range of conditions, while the caseworkers support clients through their recovery process. The program’s psychiatrist can prescribe medication for those who need it.