Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial Services opened in January 2011 and provides support to refugees and vulnerable migrants, focusing on their general well-being, both personal and within their community, as well as their knowledge and skills to live successfully in Cairo. The role of psychosocial workers is to work alongside their clients, and conduct assessments of their strengths and resources to help them think of ways to solve their problems and relieve stress. Recent developments have made it possible to expand the psychosocial support provided by focusing on the development of skills and knowledge of refugee youth.

Refugees and vulnerable migrants can approach the StARS psychosocial office and receive information, advice, and referrals, or assistance in an emergency. They might also benefit from longer-term support from one of the many PS programs, including:

Adults and Families Program

Caseworkers assist refugees or other vulnerable migrants facing emotional or social issues and who face difficulties in meeting their basic needs.

Medical Access Program

We provide medical counseling and advocacy for accessing medical services, often when no other organization can help.

Unaccompanied Children and Youth Program

Assists unaccompanied and separated refugee children who are in Egypt without their parents. Services and activities include: information and support to access medical services, housing, and community organizations, guidance and information about UNHCR in Cairo, emotional support, sports and social activities, and specialized education programs.

Unaccompanied Youth Bridging Program

We provide education, activities, and support to unaccompanied children and youth, to prepare young people to engage in meaningful activities such as formal education, volunteering or employment after completion of the program. .

Direct Assistance Program

In partnership with ICRC, the program provides food and hygiene boxes for unaccompanied children. The program also arranges distribution of secondhand clothes and other items.

Groups and Activities Program

Groups being offered include support groups, sports (football, yoga, taekwondo, etc.), educational groups for youth, music, stress management, parenting and other psychosocial workshops. Grousp are provided at StARS and in refugee community centres.

Drop-in and Emergency Response Program

The Drop-In and Emergency Response service provides clients with preliminary screening to support them in accessing StARS services according to their needs. It plays a crucial role in identifying the most vulnerable cases that require immediate intervention and community support.

Youth Development Project

We provide opportunities for refugee youth to gain professional development opportunities through StARS. The project aims to enhance their self-reliance in Cairo by being active members of StARS and by developing their skills in the workplace.